After more or less finishing up the Tether drawing program I'm starting to revisit the Teeter game idea. It is getting easier now that I know a little more about Processing and some of the cool things you can do (mostly thanks to The Nature of Code by Daniel Shiffman). Using Box2D makes the game physics a non-issue, which is a relief since I thought I might have to program it all myself. 

At this point I have a working program, with Leap controlled teeter-totter and semi-random particles of two different shapes. I want to add a few more particle types, tweak how and where the particles spawn and make it so the game has levels. 

In the video below, the red and green dots show hand height for left and right hands. The direction of the torque on the Teeter is determined by which hand is higher and the strength of the torque is determined by how far apart the hands are.