Mid-March Update

I haven't posted anything in the last few days, but have been working intensely on build outs of the tether drawing program and a molecules program with more gestures.  One thing that has been very interesting is trying to decide what things the Leap should control in these projects.

For the tether drawing program, I went back and forth between using a menu library to build a mouse-controlled menu or building my own Leap controlled menu. The Leap-controlled menu proved to be a little difficult because the Leap is not very well suited to small precision motions (mostly because it is hard to hold your hand still). Additionally, including more advanced functionality and gestures requires a lot of refinement, as it is easy for gestures/motions to be recognized when you don't want them to. 

On the molecules front, I'm working to include more control modes to practice working with gestures and other ways of defining behavior. Hopefully that will be up and running soon. 

Lastly, I started playing around a bit with using Processing to play with images, especially to pull colors from the image and make color palettes. A few images from these experiments are below.