New Projects

There is a lot of cool hardware coming out these days. In particular, I thought the LEAP motion controller was pretty cool, so I got myself one. After playing around with it a little bit, I realized that just playing around with it as a controller wasn't enough; I wanted to use it to control things I built or designed. Toward that end, I got an Arduino, and have been learning the ropes. 

My ultimate goal is to use the LEAP and other sensors/detectors/controllers to control physical objects. There are numerous projects that use physical input to control digital projection (here is a cool example) but I really want to go from physical to digital and back to physical. This means I want the user motion to control motors, levers, lights etc. To get there, I am trying to take baby steps and work on little projects to develop my understanding of how to connect the physical input to physical output through the computer. 

Below is a video of my first tottering step in that direction.