Art in the Imagination Age

'In the imagination age, we are trying to create the future we can imagine.'

Rita J. King

We live in a world of intention. Sometimes it feels like everything is made with a purpose. Roads are designed to move traffic around in a particular fashion, brands and logos are created to evoke particular emotions, and we constantly look for maps, or pre-designed paths, to tell us how our lives are supposed to progress.

It feels fixed, but it's not. It feels like there is a plan behind everything, but that plan may have been executed incorrectly, or flawed in the first place. 

There is always the opportunity to redesign, to create, and to change. The only question is, can we push ourselves to participate in the art* of imagining a different future rather than accepting the present. 

We can all be thinkers, designers, and builders because we are all human. You do not need credentials to do art. It is our right to break things down, think about how they work, design a new system and create it.

We just have to be bold enough to try. 


*I'm talking about the art that Seth Godin talks about