Smart Fridge Prototype

A smart fridge prototype for proof of concept and user testing


I worked with Midnight Commercial, developing a smart fridge prototype for a leading appliances manufacturer. 

The project involved enhancements to a smart fridge including: additional cameras, a working door scale and the requisite embedded electronics. I had previously worked on the project while working at Midnight Commercial, and returned for the most recent phase as a freelancer to help with mechanical engineering, 3D modeling and fabrication. 

For this project, I designed custom components to match the style of the concept design, fit in the current version of the fridge, and contain all of the embedded electronics and functionality (including a working button and scale). Additionally, I designed all components so that they could be fabricated using the available on-site resources (FormLabs Form2 3D printers, laser cutter) in the roughly 2 week timeframe I was given.

The photos below show the ‘Smart Strip’ with light ring and button, and the ‘Smart Scale’ built into the existing door bin.