Creative Coding

Generative and procedural designs and animations 


My foray into Creative Coding began as a self-guided personal development project to learn programming and create more, and grew into a consistent practice and many spin-off projects. I found my way to Processing while I was trying to connect an Arduino and a Leap Motion controller and soon began spending more and more time learning about creative coding. Soon thereafter, I started an everyday design project (as part of 100 Days of Hustle) using Processing to create and practice consistent creativity. Over the course of the project, I created a new design everyday for over 100 days and created numerous spinoff projects included a Leap Motion controlled painting program, a Leap Motion controlled video game, and numerous procedural and generative design programs.

Many of the daily designs are shown as images, but are in fact programs created to produce designs. Often watching the image 'grow' was my favorite part. 

Selected projects and works shown below. More can be seen in the archives at