Cartier Mansion Window Installations

A series of technology-enhanced window installations for the Cartier Mansion


As part of Midnight Commercial, I produced multiple technology-enhanced window installations for the Cartier Mansion including Holiday -November 2016, Fantasy - January 2017-, and Juste Un Clou - April 2017.

As producer and project lead on these projects my responsibilities were many and varied. I coordinated with the client and our fabrication partners, managed our internal design and engineering resources, ensured that the concepts passed along from the client and our creative team could be realized as working installations, often with very short timelines, and managed the installations themselves. Additionally, I completed a variety of tasks as needed such as prototyping, fabrication (3D printing/laser cutting), programming animatronics, and assembling/modifying components built by our fabrication partners. 

Installation details below

Holiday (November 2016) : small screens installed into scale models of landmark Cartier storefronts playing footage of panthers and custom footage of a doorman (played by yours truly). 

Fantasy (January 2017) : numerous animatronic/animated elements including moving gears, a dragon with moving scales, birds with wings that open, moving plants, a moving snake head and a moon cycling through phases. 

Juste Un Clou (April 2017) : various backdrops including an infinity mirror + marquee sign, and a mirrored panel + custom disco ball, with embedded video screens.