Behind White Shadows

A projection mapped sculpture for TRANSFER Gallery

I was approached by TRANSFER Gallery to create an immersive sculpture for Behind White Shadows, a month-long VR exhibition by glitch artist Rosa Menkman. The sculpture needed to function as a barrier, providing privacy for viewers as they explored the virtual word on a VR headset. We designed and fabricated the sculpture to mirror the abstract geometric forms of the artist's VR experience. To further bring the virtual experience into the physical space, we projection mapped the sculpture to display content from the VR world for all viewers in the gallery to view.

The project had a short timeline and a wide range of things that needed to be done. I designed the 3D form in Rhino and iterated with input from the artist before landing on a final form. Next, I constructed the sculpture over the course of two days and then set up the projectors and projection mapped the form for the installation.