Photograph courtesy of  Daniel Calvazos

Photograph courtesy of Daniel Calvazos

I am a multi-disciplinary engineer and technologist who helps creative companies and organizations with production, prototyping, and fabrication. In addition to freelance projects I also run Hellions, a physical production studio with a digital eye.

I enjoy taking on new challenges with new materials, tools, and teams, and am always looking to learn. I love to help people execute their ideas–taking something from a kernel of an idea and bringing it into the world as quickly as possible so further design and iteration can occur. I am also available for project consulting to help you figure out the feasibility, costs, and constraints of your ideas before diving into execution. 

My most recent projects include Spomenik Projection – a large sculpture designed, built, and projection mapped in one week for TRANSFER Gallery and Horizon – an interactive sculpture for Cadillac made of 200 rear view mirrors installed in Marfa, TX.

If you have a product you'd like to quickly prototype, a sculpture or installation you'd like to build, or a project that you need to access the feasibility of, please get in touch!